Evaluation for Hellmanns project

As I have now finished the final version of my menu, I can now write my evaluation for the project.

Things I thought were successful

As I really enjoyed this project, I found there were many things that were really successful. I really found the research for the project interesting so I think that my research part of the project was really successful, using my own insight to help with the research. Because of this, I was able to add in different factors to the menu. After the first set of feedback I had, I was able to change the information in the menu, to Make it a bit more fun and interesting.

I thought that my planning was good, and my time management was important, keeping up with my blog posts, which I thought was really explanatory and was sequenced really well.

I feel like used a range of materials, including paper and digital work, digital work being something I’m not very confident at, but I have ranged my skill set. I also thought that the whole design and layout of the menu worked really well together, and the printing also worked well, even though this is something I did have to work at a little bit.

The text and colour scheme worked well as well and also linked in with the research I did for the project.

Things I could have improved on

 I could have added in a few more illustrations than I did, going into a bit more detail with the illustrations themselves as they are a little bit simplistic, especially my character design, which isn’t a strong point of mine. Also I could have added different materials in the actual menu itself, making the menu a bit more multi-media.

I could have also experimented with the sizes of my menu, doing an A3 copy, so I could see whether the menu looked better in a smaller or larger size. I only managed to do an A4 copy, which obviously went to A5 when it had been folded, so it was on a smaller scale.

I think that I could have possible did a bit more layout design, and possibly changed the layout to fit the folds of the menu a little bit more, so the content would work a little bit better with the design. I did change the text and imagery to have more cohesion after having feedback with my tutor, but I feel like this could have been further changed.

What would I change next time

Next time, I think I would change a few of the idea concepts of the menu, so that I could focus on one area more, therefore have more information on the one area, rather than having the three and having to divide the space between the three, limiting the amount of information I could put on the menu. I still feel like the menu was very successful however, and I thoroughly enjoyed the project.


My final menu

Here is the final image of my menu, this is the inside of the menu as a flat copy. As you can see, I have removed all of the photographic images, and have replaced them with illustrations, also rearranging the text and minimising it a little to make the menu less fact filled, and a bit more fun.

backcovermenuredo blog

Here is the back cover and the two sections making up the front of the menu. I didn’t change the front of the menu as I really liked it and thought it worked really well.

frontcovermenuredo blog

I also took some more close ups of elements of the menu.

Again I did almost a little photoshoot of the menu, to show the form of the menu, which will also be included in my portfolio along with the physical copy of the menu.

I really liked how the menu came out, and definitely thought it was an improvement from the first one, as it has more illustration, the colour scheme works better, and the simplicity of it makes it stands out a bit more.

After printing out the portfolio images, I will then be ready for my hand in which is coming up shortly! Thank you for keeping up with this project, I will be posting my evaluation very soon!

more ink drawings

As I was going through the menu, I did more ink drawings that will eventually be placed in the menu.

The first three I did were for the food section of the menu. I really liked the waffles image, I thought this one came out the better out of the three.

Next I did the three levels of food, for my section on food portions, ranging from a small portion, to a larger portion. These are part of a little game I have done on the menu, to give it a bit more of a fun factor.

The final set I did were the characters for the back page of my menu.

I will be posting the completed menu and some close up shots very soon.

Changing the menu design

After doing the prints, I redid the text of the menu, to get ready for my images to be put in. These were my final text layout designs:

I also started working on some ink and nib illustrations to go with the text, as I didn’t like how my prints had turned out. The first couple I did were quite minimal and basic, as these were just to accompany text.

I also began doing the food images for my menu.

Creating my monoprints

Here are some of the prints I have done. They didn’t come out as well as hoped, but I did still like the colour and the relaxed design of them.

I feel like these ones were slightly clearer, however there were still some ink patches that I didn’t like.

The last one I did I thought was a lot more successful. The image came out clear and the lines were more precise. However, I think I am going to use a different method for my images, so I can get darker and sharper lines.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 17.38.23

I will update you on my menu progress very shortly, upcoming to my summative assessments.


Ferrous Festival zine

Just before the christmas holiday, I thought I would post about the zine I had done for the ferrous festival. This was jus a rough copy, mainly including the images I had taken at the festival. I wanted to make this little picture book almost because I wasn’t able to include any festival images in my zine for Theo, as a I completed the zine before the festival, for Theo to display.

Here is the flat copy of the zine, before it went to be printed.

ferrous festival zine

As you can see, at this point in time, it is mainly imagery that I took at the festival. The main reason for this is because when I attended the festival, I was very taken back by the scenery and the displays they had there, I wanted to capture this in the zine, rather than have just an explain of the festival itself. I wanted the photographs to show the festival more.

I also printed out a copy of the zine, to show the zine in its full form:

Feedback session for menu

In a feedback session with my tutor, we both agreed that using the hand printed illustrations I am working on in the menu is going to give the menu a bit more of a unique look, and also portray my style a bit more in the menu. So I plan to swap out all of the previous imagery I have in the menu, for the mono printed illustrations I have been working on. This way, I will be able to keep to using just one colour, two have the restricted colour pallet I think will be really successful for the menu.

We also discussed having the menu in A3, which I have thought about before, but for the mean time, I have been working in A4 while still trying to figure out the design and the imagery, to save on paper and ink really.

We were trying to figure out how we could maybe incorporate all of the elements into one, so maybe using larger and smaller food in the menu to show the portion sizes, whilst having the food gone off. This is something I will need to think about because I don’t want too take away from what is actually being stated in the menu.

Another point we picked up on was trying to add in more of a narrative to the menu, and less text, looking at it with not only what food wastage there is, but how we can find solutions, and adding a little bit of a story into the menu, through the illustrations. I am also going to change the order of the text, so I can integrate it a little bit more with the imagery. At the moment, I am going to look at different ways I can make the menu look a little bit more fun, without making it look cheap and tacky. I think the best way to go about this is to add in some information that is informative, but also fun, and makes people want to read it, looking more at the solutions to food wastage. I may also change the design layout a little bit, to integrate the menu more!

These are all things I will be working on over the christmas period. And I will be posting pictures of my first set of mono prints soon!

My 8 jpeg images

As the brief required 8 jpeg images, my final task of the project was to pick and create my 8 images I was going to use. The first images I used were obviously the flat versions of the front menu and the back menu. My reason for having these two as two of my final images is because I wanted for people to properly see the layout of the menus, which is slightly hard to see with the fully formed menu, so this enables the readers to see the menu in full.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 18.29.57

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 18.30.11

The second set of images i will be using will be the menu photos i took of them fully formed on a white background, to show the shape and form of the menu more than anything. I did change them slightly in photoshop, tidying them up, to place as 3 of my images.

Finally, I will be using the 3 images I took while placing the menu in a restaurant. My reason for doing this was so I could demonstrate how the menu would be used in a real life situation, hence why putting in the restaurant, as this was the area of food wastage I decided to focus on. I thought the photos came out really well and I was really pleased with them!

I will be posting my evaluation of the project very soon, and seeing what I could do differently in the future!

Printing out the menu

I first printed out a flat version of the I had to print double sided, so I had to made sure that the layout on each side of the page matched up with the other side. It did take me a few attempts to get this, especially as i was working on card so the printing took a bit longer than if I was just working on paper.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 18.30.11

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 18.29.57

I also made folded copies of the menu. I made 3 just for the pictures I am going to take in the restaurant environment, and 1 to use as a final image and part of my portfolio. I took some photos of the folded copies so I could show how they are folded and how the information looks in relation to the structure and design.

The final step of my project is to create my scenes to photograph, so i can use the photos as part of obtaining the 8 jpeg images to meet the criteria of the brief.

Adding in the images

After I had finished all of the text, I added in the images to accompany the text on the menu.

For the page about food wastage, I gathered images and used the menu style, having the food next to the description. As you can see, some of the food is ordinary, and then some is mouldy, to get across the point that leaving food causes it to be wasted because nobody wants to eat mouldy food. I photoshopped each of the images onto a wood type background, as it fitted in more with the colour of the menu.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 18.11.26

The next page I did was the oversizing portions. For this page, I looked at the buffet styled restaurants, and wanted to add in a ‘buffet trail’ explaining what the usual way around a buffet is. I also did about the portion sizes of meals, company two different sized portions, and looked at take away boxes and doggy bags for left one food to be taken home from restaurants.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 19.19.00

Lastly, I worked on the packaging page. With this page, I wanted to demonstrate the different aspects of packaging and how it can effect the food wastage in a restaurant.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 19.18.14

Once I had finished adding in the images, I then had to print out the images, ready to use them in my photographs. As I said in my previous post, I plan to use the menus in a real life situation, so will be using them as if they are in the restaurant environment.

At this point in time, the images in the menu are mainly to piece together the layout of the menu. I plan to do my own illustrations using a mono printing process, so I can use just blue ink, and have the menu with a limited colour pallet of just the brown background and then the blue images. I really like the process of mono printing, so this is the process I will most likely be using. I have started to do some of the food images on the brown recycled paper, which I will be posting up very soon to give an example of what kind of images I will be having.