Sample page

I did a sample illustration of what I would want to do for the illustrated scenes of my pages, with the use of the photos.


I haven’t done a sample page of the recipe itself, as the recipes with be pretty straight forward, and plan to do each of the element separate and combine them together at the end. I really liked the look of how the image turned out, although I would want to use a black and white polaroid in the image, and there will also be the white boarder, because of the polaroid.

I don’t know whether I will use the black outline in the image, I do like how it has turned out, so I am considering using this as a technique.

I will also use the water colour as opposed to the pen, so the image with be a bit looser. The next thing I will do is start to do my illustrated scenes, and go out and take my polaroid images.


Typography research

As suggested in my feedback tutorial, I had a look at some different typography fonts, so I can see what works as a type in a cook book. I liked the first type because it flows nicely, and I think it could be something that works nicely with the theme of my cook book. I am also going to practice doing some typography on the computer, as I plan to scan everything in, and then put it all together on the computer, so I can mess around with the layout.

I also like the mix of typography in the images, they all work really well together and it breaks up the text a little bit. I may use this in the title on the front cover to add a bit of character to the front cover.

After finishing the majority of my research, I will next show the sample page i have been working on, before I start to create the pages for my book.

Sophie Herxheimer

I looked at Sophie Herxheimer as suggested by Gabby, and I found it to be very useful. Although are doing very different things, the similar ideas behind both of our projects have given me inspiration towards my project.

In the first and second images, I like that Sophie has added in the figures of who’s story she has illustrated. Obviously due to safeguarding and data protection, I won’t be able to do this in as much detail as she has, but I have considered using the figures in my illustrated scenes, just in less detail.

Here is Sophie in action, illustrating the table cloth. I was really inspired by her project as I loved the personal touch she made. It has also inspired me to go out and do some live painting for my illustrated scenes, which I think could be interesting.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 21.12.09

Feedback session with Gabby

I had a tutorial session from Gabby, where we spoke about my project and where I am hoping to take the project.


Gabby suggested to look at Sophie Herxheimer who illustrated a table cloth with people’s food memories. This links with my project as I am looking at the link between food and memory.

We also began to look at creating my ‘It’s nice that’ statement and looking at writing my brief for this project. So far, we ┬ácame up with:

“An exploration between the link between identity, memory and food, in the form of a recipe book.”

We also talked about typography, and Gabby suggested to look at some different typography that cook books use, so I can get some inspiration.

I am currently working on writing my brief for this project. This is something I do need some guidance with, because of how in detail we need the brief to be. I am working with Nicholas to write the brief, and getting my sample page ready to show the layout of my pages.

Ideas and recipes

I did another page of ideas, now looking more at the dimensions and the layout. I will also look at how I am going to layout the inside of the cook book.


The next step I had was gathering my recipes, and also making a small note about the stories behind them, which I will include in the book.

I did just small thumbnails for the moment, and will include the full recipes once I have gathered them.

Finally I did some thumbnails of layout ideas.


For the layout, I have decided to have my recipe illustrated on one page, and then have a fell picture of the memories being the recipe on the other page. I will have polaroids, but I plan to have them incorporated within the photo. This will be something I will demonstrate in my sample page which I am currently working on. I will have a tutorial this week which I van then narrow down ideas and begin to work on the sample page.

Photography content

I did look at some photographed content, because of my inclusion of photography within my illustrations.

There does seem to be a common theme of having the text on the one page, and the main photograph on the other. I think this is a typical convention of a cook book, one of the conventions I am going to try and stick to when designing my layout.

Further research of inside pages

I did some further research of inside pages that were illustrated so I could generate more ideas when looking at the design of my book.

I really like the first image which is a water colour recipe. I like that even the text has been done with the watercolour, which is something I haven’t considered until now. I need to look more into the typography I will use, which is research I will do.

The image where the photography and illustration are both used in the recipe is definitely something I will use. However, I do plan to use more illustration and add in small polaroid photos, so it gives the pages that feeling of memmove, which am trying to convey.

Artists Marcella Kriebel and Liv Wan

I found two artists who did an illustrated cook book, which I really liked.

The first artist I found was Marcella Kriebel, who illustrated this cook book. All of the text and imagery was hand rendered, which I really liked, and is something I am aspiring to achieve with me cook book, to give it more of a personal feel. I also really like how Kriebel uses boarders around the recipes. I don’t think this is going to be something I will use however, as the text looks a little bit squashed within the boarder.

The second artist i found was Liv Wan. I really enjoyed looking at her cook book, and its probably one of my favourite illustrated cook books I have come across.

Her front cover is full of colour, i really like the hand written text, and this is the sort of idea i am going for, with the illustrated food around the outside, but I will have a series of photographs in the middle.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 13.28.39

These inside pages were some of my favourite that i looked at. The colours are so bold and vibrant, and again the hand written text is really nice. I like the backgrounds that have been used, something I am considering with my own work, using a pastel textured background. I will be doing my book A4 portrait and will have different elements to this book, but I will definitely consider the use of elements such as the typography, and the background in my book.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 13.23.45

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 13.23.26

Cook book covers

After doing some food experiments, I started looking more at cook books and the fundamental layout criteria that makes a cook book. I firstly looked at cook book covers.

I wanted to look at both illustrated covers and photographed covers, as I plan on using both illustration and photography on my front cover. I really like the idea of having a centre image, and then having illustrated food around the image. The ‘I Know How to Cook’ cover also looks really interesting, the colours go well together, and I like how the colours have been limited.

Here are some of the photographed cook book covers I looked at.

I am looking at the idea of having a photograph as the centre piece of the cover, and then having food illustrations around the photograph, so I can have the mix of photography and illustration.

More experimentation

I also did some lino prints, which I thought went really well. These were quite rough first prints, but as I do more, the clarity will improve.



I also included a photo of the lino cuts before I inked them. I am planning on doing some more prints, possibly to use as a front cover, or as a print to sell. I was also considering putting my designs onto ceramics, and I think these designs could work well with that.


I also did some classic pencil drawings. These obviously aren’t in colour, but I wanted to focus on shade and shape in these images. I think these came out really well too, although I won’t be using this method in my book illustrations.