Hay festival project evaluation

Hay Festival Project Evaluation

For this project, I was asked to produce something to be given out as part of promotion for a play called The Little Black Fish, which is being performed by students at the college. I originally had the idea of making an activity sheet along with a print that I could just give away at the production of the page for children to get involved with. However, as this was more of a side project, I had to time manage and focus more on my major project, so in the end, I just did the print and didn’t do the activity sheet like I had planned.

Things that went well

I did enjoy the research of this project, as I got to learn about the story which is one I had never heard before. I also liked that I was able to try and improve on a technique that I have previously done, and I think the print actually came out very well. I liked the fact that I was able to experiment with colour, and also using negative space. I did a rough copy of the print and a final cope, and because of the paper I used, it has made the fish look like there are more scales within the image. I think it will work really well as a hand out, but I would consider reducing the size, or maybe putting it a postcard which I think might look nice.

I liked getting to meet new people, and to learn about what other courses are doing, and to feel like I could collaborate with a project from another course. We did this with our blacksmith zines, and I thought that project worked very well as well.

Things that could have been improved

I think the main issue I had with this project was the time. As I was doing my major project at the same time, I did find it hard with the time management, and I couldn’t do all of what I wanted to do which was slightly disappointing. I think I could have been a lot more resourceful and could have tried to organise myself better in order to get the most potential out of the project.

I think more contact with the leader of the course would have been good, but again due to time constraints, this wasn’t always possible.

I feel like I did overstretch myself a little bit by taking on this project as well, which is a life lesson I will keep not to overdo myself.

If I was to redo the project

If I did get the chance to redo the project, which i could do after the assessment for the hay festival still, I would work on getting my activity sheet together, and try out some different processes. I have also been working digitally a lot lately so it would be nice to try and incorporate this into the activity sheet, using the style I have found through doing my other project.

There isn’t really much at this stage I can do for an evaluation for this project as I have focused more on the other two, which will have a more in depth evaluation.


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