Focusing on line

For some extra ideas that I would have potentially done differently for my collections project, Nicholas and I talked a lot about using single lines, and not going over any of the lines we had done before. I also set a limit to only spend a maximum of 30 seconds on a drawing, which is a challenge for me because I do like to take my time a little bit more and add in detail. So doing these types of drawings are quite hard for me. But I had a go with some pencil line drawings, and I surprisingly really liked this technique! I feel like the figure looks like he has more movement to him, and looks a little less stiff. I also didn’t join any of the lines up, again emphasising the idea of movent, which my collections piece was focused on.

I plan to do some more like this, maybe with my ink and nip pen as I really like using that technique. I also plan on revisiting my exhibition piece, to add in a bit more detail, something I wanted to do but didn’t have enough time! However I will keep you guys posted about everything I have been doing very shortly!! 


Compiling the written work for collections

As our project is drawing to a close, and we have had the exhibition, i have now started to bring together all of the elements i have done, and am finishing off my sketchbook ready for hand in. The first thing I did was print off all of my images ready to go into my sketchbook. This is going to be used as part of my research, and also part of my demonstration of my collections. First of all, i sorted out my images of my collection, showing them here:

I did research into embroidery, and also did research for aikido, as part of my Pinterest page. This will be part of the research part of my project.

After sorting out my research, I then double checked my brief, and my business plan and cv. Each of these documents are fundamental to my project, as they explain my ways of working, and also how my work link into what I hope my future in fashion illustration to be. I have included the links below:

brief for collections


Developing practice

The only thing I have left to do now is organise my sketchbook ready for hand in. I will then start to work on my portfolio, getting it ready for hand in, and adding in my piece from my collections project into my portfolio, and also adding in my hay festival project, and redoing some of my other pieces in order to print them out and change the size of my portfolio form A3 to A4.

More exhibition photos

Here are a few more shots I took at our exhibition currently being held at De Koffee Pot! Until Tuesday 17th!


I love this piece by another one of our talented students in our group! I will find out their blog and post it soon so you can all check it out!


Collections Exhibition

After a lot of hard work, our exhibition has finally arrived and has been up since Tuesday, and is in until this Tuesday. For my project, I wanted to showcase my interest in Japanese culture, particularlymy interest in the martial art I learned as a child, Aikido. I wanted to focus on the key factor of the art, which is self defence and body movements, as opposed to using violence as an attacking mechanism. I did the black silouettes so that it was just the body shape that was being shown. We did a small blurb each ehich explains some of my decisions, and where I got to the stage I got to.


I was extremely proud of my efforts and I think that the project overall worked really well! It enabled me to showcase different methods of working, and I really enjoyed doing the project!


I think if I was to improve the project and how I carried out the final piece, I would have possibly planned my time a little better, as I wanted to do a bit more sewing and experiment with print also. So if there was one thing I would have done differntly, I would have gave myself more time to add in the extra details I wanted to put in! But overall, I am really happy with how the project turned out!

Aikido movements

I first did some simple outlined images of the different movements of the martial art. These were just done with paint, and I tried to get a more sketchy look for the images. I did a few practices like this, but I found that I wasn’t very pleased with the images as they looked a bit too rough, and didn’t showcase the body movements that I am focusing my project on.


The second kind of practice I did was using silouettes. This was a very rough example. However, this is the sort of direction I want to go with. Not having the lines makes the focus on the body stances and movement more realistic. Which meant I could mess around with the shapes a little bit more, doing some quirkier poses.


After looking between the two, I have decided to go down the route of the silhouettes. I have now starting to put the images onto my Gi, which I will be posting about soon!

Final piece planning 

I have now moved onto the planning of my final piece that I will be putting in the exhibition for our collections project. The first part of the planning was deciding how I was going to lay out each of the different positions onto the Gi. The first idea I had was to cover the Gi in patches, using the ones I had made previously. However, due to time constraints, I had to abandon this idea, and I aimed more toward the second idea, which was fabric painting the individual figures. Doing it this way saved me a lot of time. I did have an idea of combining the two methods, but I found there were too many colours, being red, pink, yellow, black and gold, and it just didn’t work as well. So I went with idea 2.

The next thing I decided on were the colours. I wanted to use traditional Japanese colours, so I ended up using red black and gold. The gold however didn’t come up as solid as I would have liked, so I had to change my design process further down the line in order for the gold to be more opaque and solid. But overall, I did like my chosen colours. They were really bold and vibrant on the Gi as well because the Gi was white. 

Developing practice! 

Sorry I haven’t posted today, I have been working on my developing practice written work all day but I am over the moon to say that I have finished it! This means one of my tasks to do over eater has been completeled! I’m not going to lie, I have been very stressed at the moment trying to get everything done for my deadlines just after Easter, but I have been going g at a very steady pace, trying to do a little bit each day so I relieved that this is one task off my chest.

I will also be showing you some of my practice writing on my tablet and computer to show you how I did the writing for my hay festival project soon!

Nib and Ink fabric drawing

I finally got round to doing the nib and ink experiments for my fabrics. As you can see, the ink did bleed into the fabric in some areas as expected. This does not mean the experiment went badly, as there are also some very fine lines I managed to do with the inks. I found out that the lighter i did  the drawings, the finer the lines and the less blotchy the ink came out. With this, I literally scratched the pen on the surface. Also, i found out that the less ink i have on the nib at a time, the less the ink runs in the fabric. These are all things i will consider when I’m deciding on whether or not to use this method.

I am unsure on whether i will do some printing experiments, just to see if they come out any better than the ink and nib. Im hoping i can find my ink and roller even though I’ve sourced my entire room for it! Hopefully the printing process with look good, and i may consider using the ink an nib pens to add colour to the illustrations.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 22.56.22

Marking up my patches

Today I started to mark up each of the individual patches I have made, ready to start sewing them together. I have tried to do a 1cm seem around each of the patches, however, because the patches were cut very roughly, in order to get the squared shape, some parts of the material have a smaller seem. I am also currently deciding on whether i want to sew the patches together, before i do the illustrations on them, because sewing them first will mean I will get to see how much space I have to do the illustration on. However, this will depend on how I put the illustrations on, as if the ink and nib experiments I do don’t turn out as I hope for, my next experiment will be mono printing onto the fabric. If I do have to print, it will be easier for me to do the patches individually. I will be doing the nib and ink experiment soon so I will be able to see if this will be a suitable method of working.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 22.56.38

Patches update

I finally got around to cutting up all of my fabric to make my patches for my illustrations to go on! It took me about 1 hour and I now have about 50 patches, but I can safely say I have cut them all! Depending on time, I may end up using less of the patches than I have cut up but I hope I have enough time to use them all so I can include loads of different illustrations! I am yet to find out whether my ink and nib will work on the fabric without bleeding, however I will be finding this out very, very soon! I have a lot of other work going on at the moment so trying to pace myself and get little bits done everyday! Things are progressing though which makes me v happy! So here are my what seems like millions of patches!