Compiling the written work for collections

As our project is drawing to a close, and we have had the exhibition, i have now started to bring together all of the elements i have done, and am finishing off my sketchbook ready for hand in. The first thing I did was print off all of my images ready to go into my sketchbook. This is going to be used as part of my research, and also part of my demonstration of my collections. First of all, i sorted out my images of my collection, showing them here:

I did research into embroidery, and also did research for aikido, as part of my Pinterest page. This will be part of the research part of my project.

After sorting out my research, I then double checked my brief, and my business plan and cv. Each of these documents are fundamental to my project, as they explain my ways of working, and also how my work link into what I hope my future in fashion illustration to be. I have included the links below:

brief for collections


Developing practice

The only thing I have left to do now is organise my sketchbook ready for hand in. I will then start to work on my portfolio, getting it ready for hand in, and adding in my piece from my collections project into my portfolio, and also adding in my hay festival project, and redoing some of my other pieces in order to print them out and change the size of my portfolio form A3 to A4.


More exhibition photos

Here are a few more shots I took at our exhibition currently being held at De Koffee Pot! Until Tuesday 17th!


I love this piece by another one of our talented students in our group! I will find out their blog and post it soon so you can all check it out!


Collections Exhibition

After a lot of hard work, our exhibition has finally arrived and has been up since Tuesday, and is in until this Tuesday. For my project, I wanted to showcase my interest in Japanese culture, particularlymy interest in the martial art I learned as a child, Aikido. I wanted to focus on the key factor of the art, which is self defence and body movements, as opposed to using violence as an attacking mechanism. I did the black silouettes so that it was just the body shape that was being shown. We did a small blurb each ehich explains some of my decisions, and where I got to the stage I got to.


I was extremely proud of my efforts and I think that the project overall worked really well! It enabled me to showcase different methods of working, and I really enjoyed doing the project!


I think if I was to improve the project and how I carried out the final piece, I would have possibly planned my time a little better, as I wanted to do a bit more sewing and experiment with print also. So if there was one thing I would have done differntly, I would have gave myself more time to add in the extra details I wanted to put in! But overall, I am really happy with how the project turned out!

Aikido movements

I first did some simple outlined images of the different movements of the martial art. These were just done with paint, and I tried to get a more sketchy look for the images. I did a few practices like this, but I found that I wasn’t very pleased with the images as they looked a bit too rough, and didn’t showcase the body movements that I am focusing my project on.


The second kind of practice I did was using silouettes. This was a very rough example. However, this is the sort of direction I want to go with. Not having the lines makes the focus on the body stances and movement more realistic. Which meant I could mess around with the shapes a little bit more, doing some quirkier poses.


After looking between the two, I have decided to go down the route of the silhouettes. I have now starting to put the images onto my Gi, which I will be posting about soon!

Final piece planning 

I have now moved onto the planning of my final piece that I will be putting in the exhibition for our collections project. The first part of the planning was deciding how I was going to lay out each of the different positions onto the Gi. The first idea I had was to cover the Gi in patches, using the ones I had made previously. However, due to time constraints, I had to abandon this idea, and I aimed more toward the second idea, which was fabric painting the individual figures. Doing it this way saved me a lot of time. I did have an idea of combining the two methods, but I found there were too many colours, being red, pink, yellow, black and gold, and it just didn’t work as well. So I went with idea 2.

The next thing I decided on were the colours. I wanted to use traditional Japanese colours, so I ended up using red black and gold. The gold however didn’t come up as solid as I would have liked, so I had to change my design process further down the line in order for the gold to be more opaque and solid. But overall, I did like my chosen colours. They were really bold and vibrant on the Gi as well because the Gi was white. 

Adding in the cutlines

After finalising and choosing the coloured tree I wanted to use, which was my original design the yellow tree, I then had to go into illustrator and add in a cut line, ready for the printers, so that my illustration cold be peeled off the vinyl rolls. First we had a workshop on how to create the colour for the cut path, and then on how to add in the gridlines in order to make sure we were leaving enough room around the image for it to be cut. after doing this, we then had to go around and draw the cutline. I used the pen tool as I found it easier. After i had done the cut path, I saved it as a high resolution pdf file, ready to be sent to the printers. Here is the final image I sent, with the cutlines added in. The colour around the edge is the colour we set for out cut path, using the CMYK controls.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 21.50.17

Now that the final image has been sent, we will now be concentrating on our hay work shops we are doing. I will post more about them when I have the info! but I’m really excited to be working with children at the hay festival in unlocking their creativity! The workshops are all filled  aswel, yay!

Experimenting with coloured trees

I wanted to do some experimentation with colours, to see how my tree would look with different coloured elements. I did this on photoshop, changing the colour properties and the saturation. The first colour change I did was green. I did like how the tree went a really acidy green, and the purple birds go really well with the flowers, which have stayed pink, and the teal coloured leaves. This tree is very spring like, however i think the purple birds would of been to dark when it came to production purposes. If I had more time, I would have liked to have mess around with this colour a little more, to see whether lightening the birds a bit would have made it a bit more spring-like.

green tree

The second coloured image I did was was blue. I did like the red birds on this one, however, I don’t feel like the colours go together very well, and the blue is a little bit too bright for my liking. I just don’t think that this image gives off the same spring feels what the others do!

blue tree

The third tree colour I used was purple. I really liked this tree as I loved the yellow colour that the birds went. I also like that the flowers and leaves have swapped colours. The purple tree really goes in cohesion with the yellow flowers. This tree gives a real spring like feel and I would have used these colours as my original piece if I had time to change it because I love how much cohesion all of the different elements have with each other.

purple tree

Finally, the last colour i experimented with was red. Again, similarly to the blue tree, i didn’t really like this  one as much because the colours don’t have great cohesion and don’t compliment each other at all. The red does give the tree a bit more of an autumn feel and looks a little but too in your face. There is too much red and too much blue, so the colour variation isn’t exactly great. I wouldn’t have used this as a final design, may,y because it doesn’t have a very spring feel to it, and the colours aren’t cohesive.

red tree

Overall, some of the colour experiments went really well, but some just didn’t work. However, I am glad with the colours I did use for my final piece, as I believe they were the most successful colours.

Combining the tree elements

After having feedback from my tutor, she suggested that the organisers of the hay festival wanted to have all of the different elements in one. So I did a tree with all of the birds and flowers on. I took out the fallen flowers as it looked a bit autumnal, so it didn’t go with the spring feel as much. So I have but the flowers onto the tree with the birds on, and I have added in some little green leaves to add a bit of colour variation into the piece. I then moved the quote down to the bottom. It was suggested to have the quote at the top, but I found the image look a bit too crowded at the top then, so I made the choice to put it closer to the bottom so there was a bit pf a gap between the busy top, and the text. The text is still hand written, but I neatened it up a bit from last time.

I do like the illustration now, as I feel it all feels a little bit more cheerier as opposed to having the trees looking a bit bare before. The tree looks more full of life and love now, which is what the quote I have chosen is about. Overall I am really happy with how the illustration has turned out, although I may do some colour experimentations.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 20.47.41

Added writing

Here is my nearly finished piece, with the writing added. I’m not too sure about the text as I feel like it is a bit dark, maybe a red or orangey text might work a bit better, but I will see what my tutor has to say. This image looks a lot busier than the other one which I’m not sure if i like it at the moment, this isn’t a final copy yet, but it is the sort of direction I want to go in. I will post one with the white back ground so I can see what it would look like on the white background. I have also been making some decisions about how i am going to print the piece and what vinyl I will use.

As for sizing, the banner itself is going to be 84cm high, and 178.2cm long. I will also be making it so that I can split the images up into the different components, including the text as a separate component. I will also be using transparent vinyl as I don’t have any white on my piece, so I can have the clear vinyl.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 23.04.21

Hay update

After having feedback, my tutor thought that the piece looked a little bit unfinished, so I decided to combine the flowers and the birds to the separate trees to link everything together. I also added in the little green leaves to add a bit more colour variation to the image. As I said in my last post about my hay festival project, I wasn’t quite happy with the writing I had done, so I planned on changing it. My tutor agreed that I should change the writing, maybe putting at the top of the image going across the trees, so I experimented with writing. I still wanted to use the handwritten text, but i tried different out different brushes and techniques, until I found one that I really liked. I will still be working on the image, but I like the way it is coming along. The image looks a bit cohesive which I like.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 22.09.42