Menu progress

As I have been progressing with my menu, I have also been thinking of some ideas of how  I will use the menu.

I will  take some images of the completed pages of the menu, so that viewers can see and read about the information. I then plan to use the menu as an actual menu, so I will take some pictures of the menu in a restaurant setting, possibly print out a few of them so I can go into a restaurant and put them on tables, and have guests read the menu. I will also possibly take a picture of the menu, next to some food, to kind of show a different aspect of the menu. I am still considering what my last image will be, possibly a picture of someone holding the menu open so you can see the form and type of publication it is.

As well as thinking about this, I did some more work on the menu itself.

So the next step I did for the menu was adding in all of the text that would be going on the menu. I did these in different steps, as each of the different pages have different layouts, and will contain different information. The first one I worked on was the front cover.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 01.35.02

As you can see, the text is in blue, and at this point, I have just added in the main bulk of the text for both the back of the menu, and the front cover that opens. You can now begin to see what I have do in regards to splitting the writing for the front cover. I also added in the Hellmann’s logo, to meet a requirement of the brief.

I next did the text for the first page of the menu.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 01.14.13

This page was designed more like a classic menu, with the pricing, and the for descriptions, as this page will show food, but in its out of date stage, where food has gone mouldy.  I wanted to try out different elements of layout in this page, as you can see by the different orders the text comes in.

Lastly I did the second inside page of the menu.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 01.14.21

With this page, I played around with different type faces, and also looked at the different layout again, so I have arranged the text, in cohesion with where I want my images to go. I will go into a bit more detail about the text, once I get the images into the menu.

The next step now is to add in all of my images I am using, and to then have a look at printing out the menu. I will most likely bring one in A4 first of all to see how the menu comes out, before starting to print them out in A3. I plan to print out about 4 copies, so i an use them for my photographs after, but this will all depend on how the A4 versions come out. At the moment, I have been working in A3, but if the menu works just as well in A4, then i will do some smaller versions too.


Creating my menu

I have now started to actually create my menu, and the first step I did was making the menu, and the boarders. I did these first by doing them hand rendered on the recycled paper I bought, and then I scanned them into photoshop to start working on adding in the text.

Here is the first side of the menu:

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 18.07.05

And here is the second side:

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 18.05.02

So after I put the menu designs into photo shop, I then starting working on the text and adding in the logo. The first side I did was the split side, as I know this would be the most time consuming, as not only did I have to add in the text and the logo, I had to split them and make sure they were both lined up as they will join together when the menu is folded.

As you can see, I have split up each of the components in half. This is obviously the outside of the menu, even though the fold lines are flooded the other way, when I print the menu, this will be the outside of the menu, it was just easier for me to work on the image with the paper folded this way. So the two sides will both fold outwards, and will join in the middle at the front of the menu.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 18.08.04

So on this image, I have included the Hellmann’s brand name, the title of the menu, the logo, and a by line, so it hits different areas of the criteria. The text is blue as well, keeping with the boarder and the theme. I also started working on the text for the pack page. Although this isn’t completed, I want to show the style of type face I will be using, a simple type which is easy to read, contrasting to the front page type which is a bit more elegant and sophisticated. I will use these two typefaces throughout the menu.

I did start working on the inside part of the menu as well:

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 18.05.12

I haven’t added in much of the design in these two pages as of yet, but I have added in elements of the text, and have done the main layout of the images, the blank spaces will be filled with the information and imagery.

The next post will be carrying on with the design process, I will probably focus on one of each of the different sections at a time, and will begin thinking about how I am going to use my menu in regards to the 8 images I will be producing.

New design menu

After looking at the different menus and choosing which design I liked the most, I started to redesign the menu. I did two designs for each of the different pages. At this point, the designs are really basic, and are pretty much just playing around with the layout of each of the pages, as I did the research for the content when I did the research of food wastage. So these were just some sketches for me to use for when I start putting the menu together. I decided to use the brown paper, and the blue ink, as I really liked one of the previous menu designs, and it also fits in well with my brief.

The brief is quite environmentally based, so I thought using the recycled paper would keep to the recycling theme. The blue ink goes really well with the brown colour, and it also means I can comply with the brand guidelines as they state that their brand colour is blue. This will mean I can hit different parts of the criteria of the brief, and then add in the other parts of the requirements, such as the logo.

The first set of redesigns I did was the front cover.


So I am querying about where I want to place the logo and the text in relation to each other. I am either going to have the logo at the top or in the middle. I think I am going to use the second design, as having the logo in the middle breaks up the text a little bit more.

The second set of images I did were the out of date food.


Although the second design is more traditional as the order for the courses are correct, I think I prefer the first design as it breaks the page up a bit more and doesn’t look as systematic, and I can play around with the design a lot more with the first sketch.

The next set I did were focusing on over sizing portions.


I really liked having the type down the side of the page, as I think it looks a bit different, and also gives me more room to put information on the rest of the page, whereas in the first design, I am only left with half of the page for the rest of the information I wanted to put on the menu. So the second design is a bit more functional.

The final redesign I did was for the packaging.


I think i prefer having the box as opposed to the packets, as this represents the delivery and storage side that comes with food storage, as most of the products are delivered in boxes. Although I am considering having the box smaller and central and then having information around the box, as I can stick to the theme of having prices etc then.

I also did a small boarder design, although i will probably adapt this a bit when doing my menu.


I preferred the inside boarder which is a bit more simple, as this will be easier to work with, in relation to the designs I have picked.

The next step of my project with my creating my menu pages with the boarders, and start adding in the text etc for the menus. Obviously I will be printing them double sided, so working out the position of everything so that it matches with each other when I print them will be very important, especially as I will be folding the menus.

Menu Redesign

After having a tutorial with my tutor, we spoke and decided it would be better if I changed the menu design to make it a little bit more of a classic design, so then I could get the more shock value when they actually open the menu. So I began to look at different designs.

I really liked the imagery used in the first menu I looked at, although this isn’t really the style I wanted to go for, as i wanted to go for a more classic look, like the two other menu ideas I found. I loved the boarders used on the the second one isn I like that the menus are all text. I plan on using text on my menu so seeing the sizing of the text has helped me to see how big my text will need to be.

I also found this menu design which I really liked.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 12.19.07

I really liked the colours used, and i liked the brown recycled paper they had used for a background. I think out of each of the menus, this will be the one that I base my menu design on the most.

I started doing some small redesigns of each of the pages, which explain a lot of the choices I have made in regards to the design process.

Boarder designs

I started to look into different boarder designs the I could possibly use for my pages. I did different boarders for each of the different sections in wanted to have in my menu.

The first image I did was for the open packaging section on the menu. So I got images of packaging and have collaged them into a boarder for the page. The reason I wanted to add in boarders was because in breaks up the page a little bit, and adds something extra to the design.


The packaging idea was basically to represent that opened packaging is useless if it isn’t sealed, which is the majority of the problem with business that supply food.

The blue boarders were split as these will be for the opening of the menu, so I had to have them cut down the middle. So the design actually works out better if I lay them out on the page how it would be if the end was flat. I used the blue as a boarder because it is the colour Hellmann’s use a brand guideline colour. I also considered making each of the boarders blue so the all coincided with each other.

The next set of boarders I did were for the out of date food and the oversizing of portions.


The first boarder is for the out of date food part of the menu I am doing. I used date labels from a restaurant for the first boarder as I know that these are used for  the process of dating opened and unopened foods. I think the colour may be a bit bright however, which is one of the reasons I was going to experiment with using all blue backgrounds as the colour is a little bit more subtle.

The second boarder is for oversizing portions. As you can see the fruit images are fairly large, and there are quit a few pieces. This was because i wanted to focus on the fact that restaurants often use over sized portions, which causes consumers to not be able to finish. There are also aspects of ‘all-you-can-eat’ style buffets, hence the numerous amounts of food.

I also wanted to do some experiments with just using blue, which I did:

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 17.13.17

I didn’t think that this was as successful, as the colour is a bit monotone and I think it takes away the detail from each of the individual designs. This is something I will definitely have to looking and see what different options I can use.


Defining my ideas

After doing my initial ideas, I then started to define my ideas.

Front cover

For the front cover, I had the idea of having a rubbish bin that opens. I will be including a title, the company logo, and a name for the menu, with a by-line.


Out of date food

For the out of date food page, I researched collecting some date labels and use by stickers which I know are used on packaging of food items.


I also looked at mouldy foods, as this is what I want to focus on with this part of the menu. I will also be adding prices in to make the menu look more authentic and real.


Oversizing portions 

I wanted to look at oversizing portions because it is a big reason as to why so much food is wasted by customers. I first of all looked at the contrasting sizes between portions.

I also looked at the idea of all you can eat buffets, which tend to have a lot of food wastage with people getting too much food and not being able to finish it all.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 13.25.09

Opened packaging waste

I looked at different food packaging types and wanted to look at just how much food is wasted because of food opened and not resealed, or incorrectly resealed.

I also looked at open card hard boxes which are used in the delivery of food.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 13.37.20

I will be starting my menu design, looking at the boarders I will be using for my individual sections, which I will say about in my next post.

Initial ideas

I had the idea of doing a menu as I was doing food wastage in a restaurant, however, I wanted to put a twist on it and instead of doing a traditional menu, I wanted to do a menu which focused on the amount of wastage in restaurants. I wanted to use an open menu style so it opens from the middle. For example:

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 00.47.02

I came up with doing three different sections and the front cover:

  • Front cover – the split image at the front where the menu will open
  • Left side – looking at out of date food in restaurants, and sell by dates
  • Right side – looking at oversizing portions and things such as all-you-can-eat buffets in restaurants
  • Back cover – looking at opened food packaging and incorrectly resealing packet foods

I did a small ideas page to get me started, looking at what I could include on each of the pages. At this point, I did just small sketches of some ideas I had:


In the next post, I will show the more detailed ideas I had for each of the pages, and the start of creating my project.

The Hellmann’s Brief itself

Hellmanns Brief New Blood Awards 2018

Above is a link to the Hellman’s brief itself, which explains all of the guidelines that I had to consider for the project.

The first decision I made was which areas of food wastage I wanted to focus on. There are 3 areas that we can chose from:

  • Household wastage
  • Wastage on holidays abroad
  • Wastage in restaurants

Choosing which area to work in

I decided to go for the wastage in restaurants as I have had numerous years experience working in a restaurant, so for a lot of the research I can use my findings from my previous research with past knowledge about what to include in my publication.

I also wanted to do restaurant wastage because I was quite curious to know just how much food is actually wasted in restaurants, and what the factors contributing to this were. Although I have minimal previous knowledge, it is something that I am interested in looking deeper into. I also think its something that I could use to play around with with the actual medium of my publication to make it a little bit different.

The publication itself 

The brief also gives us two choices of what medium we can use for our publication. These two choices were between:

  • 8 jpeg images or a 2 minute video

The brief also says we can have accompanying material: if you choose 8 jpeg images, you may also use a video max 1 minute; however if you choose a two minute video, you may also use 4 jpeg images to accompany. I have decided to just stick with the 8 jpeg images as I feel like with the time constraints, adding in a 1 minute video may be a push for time.

I plan to do 8 images, a couple of the actual publication itself, and then some of the publication material being used in a natural setting to show how it can be functional.

Must haves

Other must haves that need to be incorporated in the design are:

  • The blue colour scheme
  • The natural recycled look
  • The logo

After considering each of these factors, I started to brain storms ideas about what I could do for my publication which I could use all of these ideas in.

Hellmann’s as a company

The next step of research I did was looking into Hellmann’s itself, and the what food means to them. I went onto the Hellmann’s website which straight away gave me a positive vibe about their ideas on food:

Their slogan: “We’re on the side of food” is a catch phrase I will add into my publication as it is the brands official slogan.

I also started to look around the website and I came across the Hellmann’s timeline, which thought was really interesting to see where the brand had started as to what it is today.

I also looked at the different logos that Hellmann’s have used, one to look at the development of the logo itself, and two to see which logo I will be using to brand my publication.

I also looked into the key features of what Hellmann’s use as part of their design process.

I will do a separate blog post on the brief itself, and what different elements I will need to consider for my design, and also to think about the delivery of the publication, and the images I will need to take afterwards.



Food Wastage research

To begin looking into the research of the food wastage, I first found some previous illustrations that I thought would be useful to use as a starting point for my project. These were the two illustrations that really stood out for me, because I liked the neutral colours used, more like greens and blues, obviously associated with nature and recycling, and i like the concept behind them both.

I also liked that they are both two different mediums, one being a paper cut collages image, and the other seeming to be possibly a computer rendered illustration, but they both give off the message as powerful as one another , which I thought was really good.

I also looked into some of the facts and figures of food wastage, looking at different types of wastage.

I also found a little tips image to help with food waste which I thought was really interesting and quite informing even though it was a very simple illustration.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 23.42.32

Whist looking at illustrations, I also looked at some different articles that focused around food wastage. I did these in 3 different categories:

Wastage in restaurants:

Wastage in holiday resorts:

Wastage in house holds:

I went through each of the articles and highlighted some of the numerical facts that have been produced about food wastage in the UK. I researched all three of the different areas, as I am not sure which one I will be looking deeper into at this point in time, so I wanted to gather enough information to use for each of the areas.

My next post will be looking at Hellmann’s as a company, and how this will help me to add the Hellmann’s brand into my project.