Hay festival project evaluation

Hay Festival Project Evaluation

For this project, I was asked to produce something to be given out as part of promotion for a play called The Little Black Fish, which is being performed by students at the college. I originally had the idea of making an activity sheet along with a print that I could just give away at the production of the page for children to get involved with. However, as this was more of a side project, I had to time manage and focus more on my major project, so in the end, I just did the print and didn’t do the activity sheet like I had planned.

Things that went well

I did enjoy the research of this project, as I got to learn about the story which is one I had never heard before. I also liked that I was able to try and improve on a technique that I have previously done, and I think the print actually came out very well. I liked the fact that I was able to experiment with colour, and also using negative space. I did a rough copy of the print and a final cope, and because of the paper I used, it has made the fish look like there are more scales within the image. I think it will work really well as a hand out, but I would consider reducing the size, or maybe putting it a postcard which I think might look nice.

I liked getting to meet new people, and to learn about what other courses are doing, and to feel like I could collaborate with a project from another course. We did this with our blacksmith zines, and I thought that project worked very well as well.

Things that could have been improved

I think the main issue I had with this project was the time. As I was doing my major project at the same time, I did find it hard with the time management, and I couldn’t do all of what I wanted to do which was slightly disappointing. I think I could have been a lot more resourceful and could have tried to organise myself better in order to get the most potential out of the project.

I think more contact with the leader of the course would have been good, but again due to time constraints, this wasn’t always possible.

I feel like I did overstretch myself a little bit by taking on this project as well, which is a life lesson I will keep not to overdo myself.

If I was to redo the project

If I did get the chance to redo the project, which i could do after the assessment for the hay festival still, I would work on getting my activity sheet together, and try out some different processes. I have also been working digitally a lot lately so it would be nice to try and incorporate this into the activity sheet, using the style I have found through doing my other project.

There isn’t really much at this stage I can do for an evaluation for this project as I have focused more on the other two, which will have a more in depth evaluation.


Final print

So I finally got round to printing my lino cut print and here are the results. I did a first print to remove the excess ink off the lino mat, but I actually thought it looked quite good. It enhanced the look of scales on the print.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 14.00.29

I then did the full version print.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 14.00.15

I rea;;y liked how this one came pit. I considered adding in some spot colour, but decided to leave it black and white as it will be cheaper to reproduce in black and white. I still plan to use them as prints to give out at the hay festival, although I was thinking about doing them A5 size.

I would have liked to have done a zine of the project, but with the time i have left i don’t think it will be possible. But I still have something that can be used as advertisement of the play.


Update on Hay project

As I have been very much busy with my main project the cook book, I have decided instead of producing an activity sheet, I will just be doing my print which could be used as a free gift for people at the hay festival as I am doing it in black and white, so it can easily be reproduced. Once the final print is ready, I will update again on the print!

Answers section?

I also need to consider how I am going to include the answers to the activities, whether I will put the answers next to the activities, or have a separate little answers sheet. This is something I am going to have to consider, when deciding where to place each activity.

The answers could look similar to these, but I will have them upside down.

However, I could just type the answers to them out, but on some of the activities, a visible image will be needed. I am more persuaded by the idea of having the answers on a separate sheet that I can put inside of the activity booklet. This will become confirmed when I work on where to place the individual activities once I have completed them.

Activity 4: design your own fish

The final activity I want to include is another self illustration activity, but this time, I want to try and encourage the children to think about themselves, and base it on the story a bit more. The story is about a courageous fish who faces struggle and learns about bravery. I want the children to think about what kind of people they are, and design their own fish, based on their personality.

I think this will be a really good activity to get the children to think about who they are, while linking it to the story.

I looked at some other self drawing activities and I like the idea of having some space to write about themselves, which I will include. Possibly using a structure similar to the third picture, and then have the pace to include a drawn image.

Mini activity!

As an added in mini activity, I am going to do a character hunt, kind of activity, where I will place characters randomly around the activity booklet, and then get the children to see if they can find them all. This is in place of the ‘where’s wally’ activity, as i feel like this will require the children to observe more about the pages. I will obviously list the characters, but it will be more of a hide and seek kind of activity, with characters hiding behind the activities etc.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 23.33.16

Activity 3 update: spot the difference

After consideration, I have decided to change from the ‘where’s wally’ themed activity, to a spot the difference activity.

I looked at some different soot the differences, mainly in black and white, as I am thinking of just using black and white for the activity book, on order for me to be able to reproduce the activity page a lot cheaper, and it gives the children more to colour etc, if they wish to.

I have decided to change to the spot the difference, as I can still add in detail illustration,, but it also allows me to work on a mini activity, I have been thinking of using, which I will discuss in my next post.

Activity 3: where’s wally theme

For the third activity, I have chosen to do a ‘where’s wally’ themed page, where the children have to try and find the Little Black Fish amongst other characters and scenery from the book.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 23.25.21Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 23.28.35

The images are usually quite busy and full of illustration, which would give me a good chance to get some of my own illustration in the activity page.

Activity 2: comic strip

For the second activity, I want to combine illustration and creative writing, by putting in a ‘write your won comic strip’. My reason for including this activity is so the children can get involved in their own story telling, with this accompanying a play at the festival. It also gives the opportunity to add some illustration into the activity, which would be a nice touch, being as I am studying illustration, and it would be nice to see what the children come up with.

I started off by looking at some comic strips.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 23.15.55 1Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 23.16.28

I looked at some comic strips, mainly so I could see how to include space for text etc. I then started looking at different layouts I could use.

I like the use of the speech bubbles within the boxes, I think that these work really well, however, they can limit where text can go, limiting the possible stories that could be used, although it is something I will play around with.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 23.17.47

I think this design is effective, and I would possibly add in space at the bottom of each box for text, and maybe use the speech bubbles swell. Again, I will post my further designs after planning the other activities.



Activity 1: my word search

For the first activity, I am doing a word search. I started off by looking at some different designs I was able to find.

These designs were a little bit more basic, but I do like that there are elements of illustration within them. For example, I really like the first example as the words are in he shape of an image, however, the boxes make the letters harder to read, which I don’t particularly like.

I also found some more complex designs.

I really like the first image because it still has illustration elements, but it also is a lot more challenging. However, I think this could be possibly a bit too challenging. I am looking at how to approach this without making the word search too easy or too difficult.