Completed encyclopaedia 

Here is my completed Christmas encyclopaedia. I had posted a few of the pages as I was working on the book which have gone into a bit more detail about what I was doing. I chose to do a Christmas theme as Christmas was approaching, and it meant o could do each letter in the alphabet, choosing a different thing for each letter.

I bound the book together using the stitching method for the chatbooks and letter book, and I added a front page.

I found with this projects, I could be more creative as there was a lot of different ways I could lay things out on the pages. For example, I have used 3D objects, interactive objects, different types of paper, different coloured writing, printed and hand drawn images, and stickers. It was nice to experiment with different materials as opposed to just drawing or just using photos.


How-to chatbook

Probably my favourite book of the module, was the chat book we had to create. We had to do an A4 spread chatbooks on a ‘how to’ topic of our choice. I decided to do a how to book on lookin after a baby. With different steps in each, some pages were double spread and some were single.

Here, the pagination was really important as I had double page spreads, which would need to match up with eachother. We bound the pages using the same process as the letter book.

I tried to do each of the pages in a different style. I used a limited colour pallet to limit myself in the materials I could use. I find this really helpful in putting a cap on the possible ideas, which made it easier for me to put my ideas into the pages. 

Turkish map fold

For this project, we had a choice to do two books: a Turkish map fold book, or a japaneses star book. I decided to go with the Turkish map fold book as I found it simpler to grasp, however I would like to try the Japanese star book.

The theme of the book was journeys, so I decided to do a journey of my childhood education. I did four panels each of them containing information about the schools I have been to. I decided to do little maps of each of the areas, with the route that I would have walked to and from school. I added in photos and bits of writing with the best memories of the places.

I made a small casing for the the book so it would look like a building as that’s what my journeys were based around.

Zines inspired by reading

Here we were asked to make a zine about reading. I have posted more info about the project itself in another blog post, however here, I did a negative version of the zine, which changed the colours of the original. I like both versions, however I think I prefer the negative version as the black background makes the writing and the images stand out. 

Toby’s flipbook

Using one of the stitches I had been practicing, we were given the task to make a flip book, using the binding process to joint the pages together. We were asked to do a flip book using photographs as opposed to drawing, so I used my phone to take a series of photos of my dog Toby. I did the fipbook quite small, but in future I would like to make bigger ones so they are easier to flip. Also, I would change the orientation from portrait to landscape.

I made a front and a back cover to put the pages together, adding a drawing to the front cover.

Binding and stitching 

Here I was practising some different ways of bonding and stitching. One of the stitches we practiced was the Coptic bind stitch. I found this stitch quite difficult and getting the holes to match up on each of the signatures was time consuming. I most likely wouldn’t use this one in the future as I tend to do single sheets, so using the second stitch I learnt would be more useful.

The second stitch we did was a binding process allowing us to join loose bits of paper together. I found this stitch fairly easy to grasp and I plan on experimenting more on putting patters in the pages using the thread. 

T letter book

For my second book arts project, I did a hand made letter book based on the letter ‘T’. The aim of this book was to explore a chosen letter, illustrating the pages with things beginning with that letter.

Each page has different things with the letter t. Ranging from ‘teeth’, to ‘tea’ to ‘turtle’. Although i did put a lot of effort into the pages, for me, the focus was more on the binding of the book as I haven’t had much experience in book binding. Using thread I stitched through three holes, one centred and 2 at quarter positions of the spine of each page.

When doing the book, we had to make sure each page was where we wanted them to appear in the book. The pagination for this book was simple as there were no double spread pages, but when doing our chat books, and encyclopaedias, I soon realised how important it was to make sure he pagination of the pages was correct.

College walk accordion book 

Here is a detailed look into an accordion book I made as part of my first bookarts project. We were asked to explore our college, reporting any conversations and images that we thought were interesting. I decided to go outside for a walk outside of the college. The main thing I wanted to capture was the autumn time feel of the college.

Two of the pages consists of images of leaves I collected on my journey, I then used stamps for lettering using reds and greens. I noted down some of the conversations I heard on the way, and put the most interesting bits into my accordion book. The footprints running across the book represented the journey I took, with there also being directions on the back of the book, as pointers as to where I went.

I really like the size of the book as it is travel compact and you can take it with you anywhere. The square shape makes it easy to go into your pocket. However if I was to do the project again, with more time, I would have like to do another narrative on the other side to add anothe element to the story.

Encyclopaedia progress

Another page of the Christmas encyclopaedia I have been working on for my bookarts project. I really enjoyed creating this page as I got to use a lot of different materials.

I wanted to make the encyclopaedia quite interactive, and having a Christmas theme is quite fun so I think making the encyclopaedia interactive enables me to use quirky methods. I have done all of the text and lettering by hand but there will be some things I plan to do on the computer. Most of the encyclopaedia is paper-based, but I have added in some Christmassy touches to give the book the Christmas feel I’d like it to have.

I will post some more of this project as I approach the different pages and letters in the book.


mini books

A few more of the minature books I have created for my book arts project. Along with creating my encyclopaedia, I will post some more detailed inside pictures of the other projects I have been working on this for this module.

At the the moment these are just the front views of the miniature books I have created.  I have also been keeping a small journal with notes and ideas to accompany this project, and to use as research, one of the assessment criteria for this module.

I have also since then created a chat book and have done flip books, using a binding technique I have been taught in the module, and have been practicing.