My day at hay

So after doing our workshops at hay which I have blogged about, I was also selected to visit hay again with the college. I took loads of photos and we also got tickets to see some talks for free, as we were students! So this post is going to go into detail about the amazing day I had at this years hay festival!

So the first thing we when we entered the grounds were these absolutely amazing sculptures which sat just outside the entrance of the festival. The first image is a seating area also so we were able to sit and enjoy the sunshine. I really loved the look of this sculpture, and the Incan-style head is really cool! it was nice to see different cultured things, while we were going through security!

There were some really awesome places to eat in the food courts! We had the most amazing pizzas. Although it was a little pricey, which I expected, it was still really yummy! I also got to see all of my old work friends who were working the festival at the coffee shop, which was a really nice surprise! The food hall was always jam packed but we managed to find a table to eat on, so we spent a few hours in the food court.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 16.55.46

There were also so many places to sit down and chill out. It was so comfy and relaxing to be able to have somewhere we could just sit down and talk. Kate and I spent a while chilling in here, reading one of the books we bought at the festival.

Here are some of the other pictures I took of the general scenery we saw. I absolutely loved the flower stall, and took a business card as I wanted to see about ordering some flowers for my sisters birthday. Kate also took the funniest picture of me in the little head hole! But i am too embarrassed to post! Im sure she has in on her blog though which I will put a link to:

Also, here was the cutest vintage kind of jumble sale ever! Kate and I had a look round, and i found a really lovely mesh dress to wear over my swimming costume which I was really pleased about!

I also took some more pictures about the talks I went to and the artist and author I met! which I will do a separate blog post about! And I will also be posting the illustrations I have done for the hay festival, in hope of being featured in our college exhibition in July!


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