Paper boat making

We then decided to have a go at making some paper boats ourselves, following the instructions we had found on the internet, and also a really helpful youtube video we found which showed us how to make there paper boats. The video was really useful and we plan on using it at the workshop to help with our explanation, and help the children to make their paper boats.

The link to the video we used is:

We then made a plan of what steps we are going to use on the day:

  • Firstly, we will be introducing ourselves, and showing the different countries on the map, and what boats match to which countries, using the boats we have made.
  • Secondly, we will split the children into 3 groups and will be showing the group a quick demonstration of how to fold the boats using plain paper, getting them to do a practice example.
  • We will then let them use their own choice of boat, using different coloured paper etc. We will also be giving the children a zine with instructions on and showing a youtube video throughout. We will be helping out too if anyone needs help.
  • Then we will be helping the children decorate their boats, using coloured pens, stickers etc.
  • After that, if someone the children finish before the others, we will get them to make their own flags to go onto the boat.
  • Finally, we will be taking photos of the boats, and will be handing out activity packs that i plan to make up for the children to take away with them.

We made a small list of materials, including: stickers, colouring pens, straws, a world map, flags, activity sheets, images of boats around the world, our demonstration page, plain paper A4, coloured paper A4, masking tape, tubit lids, blue tac, pins and string. I will also be bringing my computer as a means of displaying the video.

Our next step is to print out our flags, activity sheets, and to get our map sorted and our boat images. I will then create the map display, and will set out our activity packs.


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