Nadia’s work

As mentioned before, we were all given individual tasks to do. I did the info and activity packs, and Nadia did the zine and the lesson plan. So I though I would write a blog post about the awesome work she did for the workshop.

The first thing she made was the zine. The zine was to be used as an information booklet, showing the kids how to make the paper boats if they needed any guidance. I really loved the zine and the illustrations in it are great! Nadia has left the boat picture on the back and the flags blank so the kids can choose to colour them in if they want to. The instructions are great and i love the overall design of the zine.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 20.39.07

Nadia also made our lesson plan which I have posted on here, however, this is just a guideline, we will adapt things on the day if we need to.

Hay Festival Workshop Lesson Plan

I will also post a link to Nadia’s Instagram and blog, so go check some of her other stuff out! its really cool!


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