Creating my activity page

As part of the doing our workshops, we each gave each other different jobs. Nadia’s job was to make the how-to page on folding our paper boats, which we will be using as handouts for the children to use to help them making the boats. Kate was in charge of idea storming, and helping create the paper boats samples. I was in charge of making up the the foam board with the world map on, and adding the boat images and flags to them for out informative part of the workshop. I was also in charge of creating the kids activity packs for the children take home with them. First, I made the activity sheets.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 20.22.09

For the activity page, I did two parts, one where the children have to guess the flags, and then the second part being the word search, where they will find the names of the flags. It is quite a simple activity sheet, as it is just a time filler really. I am a little unsure about the colour at the moment, maybe wanting to do a coloured background, so I have kept the background white so I can possibly print on coloured paper. Also, I did try to get some boats as the boarder, but I couldn’t in the end. The pencils do look nice however. Here is a picture of the packs I made:

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 20.25.42

Next I made the boards with the boats and countries on.

We still have to make our sample paper boats to show to the children, which we will all be doing. I will also be including a post about the work that Kate and Nadia do, and I will include their blogs on here too for you to have a look at!



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