Focusing on line

For some extra ideas that I would have potentially done differently for my collections project, Nicholas and I talked a lot about using single lines, and not going over any of the lines we had done before. I also set a limit to only spend a maximum of 30 seconds on a drawing, which is a challenge for me because I do like to take my time a little bit more and add in detail. So doing these types of drawings are quite hard for me. But I had a go with some pencil line drawings, and I surprisingly really liked this technique! I feel like the figure looks like he has more movement to him, and looks a little less stiff. I also didn’t join any of the lines up, again emphasising the idea of movent, which my collections piece was focused on.

I plan to do some more like this, maybe with my ink and nip pen as I really like using that technique. I also plan on revisiting my exhibition piece, to add in a bit more detail, something I wanted to do but didn’t have enough time! However I will keep you guys posted about everything I have been doing very shortly!! 


2 thoughts on “Focusing on line

  1. Vignette Savannah says:

    I cannot draw (for nothing!), but this seems like an awesome exercise to challenge even the best of artists. It looks amazing and is still able to communicate a story! Looking forward to reading more about your work! 🙂


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