Group painting session

Whilst prepping for our deadlines, Nicholas thought it would be a cool idea to have a bit of a fun project, and teach us about painting with inks, and how to add shading and shadows according to the light source in the piece. So a group of us all had to paint a mural, type thing, based on either our collections, or something we were interested in. We all wanted to do something fun, so 4 of us from our year, and 4 from the third year all collaborated on working on the mural! here are some close ups of what we have been doing!

I absolutely loved doing these collaborative pieces, as there are so many narratives we did. I really like how everything comes together, even though there were 9 different artists, with 9 different styles, working on it. The piece has a lot of cohesion, which I was surprised with, because of how different everyones styles are! I did a lot of the sea creatures which isn’t normally the style I would go for, but Kate and I did the sea wall together, so I did try to match her amazing style a little! Although a lot of the simplified buts are in my type of style! The finished piece looks super awesome as well!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 17.47.56

It looks super quirky and fun! But the black and white also gives it a bit of a darker feel which is quite cool! We plan on doing some more of this type of work but using colours which will look really awesome I think!


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