Compiling the written work for collections

As our project is drawing to a close, and we have had the exhibition, i have now started to bring together all of the elements i have done, and am finishing off my sketchbook ready for hand in. The first thing I did was print off all of my images ready to go into my sketchbook. This is going to be used as part of my research, and also part of my demonstration of my collections. First of all, i sorted out my images of my collection, showing them here:

I did research into embroidery, and also did research for aikido, as part of my Pinterest page. This will be part of the research part of my project.

After sorting out my research, I then double checked my brief, and my business plan and cv. Each of these documents are fundamental to my project, as they explain my ways of working, and also how my work link into what I hope my future in fashion illustration to be. I have included the links below:

brief for collections


Developing practice

The only thing I have left to do now is organise my sketchbook ready for hand in. I will then start to work on my portfolio, getting it ready for hand in, and adding in my piece from my collections project into my portfolio, and also adding in my hay festival project, and redoing some of my other pieces in order to print them out and change the size of my portfolio form A3 to A4.


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