Collections Exhibition

After a lot of hard work, our exhibition has finally arrived and has been up since Tuesday, and is in until this Tuesday. For my project, I wanted to showcase my interest in Japanese culture, particularlymy interest in the martial art I learned as a child, Aikido. I wanted to focus on the key factor of the art, which is self defence and body movements, as opposed to using violence as an attacking mechanism. I did the black silouettes so that it was just the body shape that was being shown. We did a small blurb each ehich explains some of my decisions, and where I got to the stage I got to.


I was extremely proud of my efforts and I think that the project overall worked really well! It enabled me to showcase different methods of working, and I really enjoyed doing the project!


I think if I was to improve the project and how I carried out the final piece, I would have possibly planned my time a little better, as I wanted to do a bit more sewing and experiment with print also. So if there was one thing I would have done differntly, I would have gave myself more time to add in the extra details I wanted to put in! But overall, I am really happy with how the project turned out!


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