Aikido movements

I first did some simple outlined images of the different movements of the martial art. These were just done with paint, and I tried to get a more sketchy look for the images. I did a few practices like this, but I found that I wasn’t very pleased with the images as they looked a bit too rough, and didn’t showcase the body movements that I am focusing my project on.


The second kind of practice I did was using silouettes. This was a very rough example. However, this is the sort of direction I want to go with. Not having the lines makes the focus on the body stances and movement more realistic. Which meant I could mess around with the shapes a little bit more, doing some quirkier poses.


After looking between the two, I have decided to go down the route of the silhouettes. I have now starting to put the images onto my Gi, which I will be posting about soon!


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