Final piece planning 

I have now moved onto the planning of my final piece that I will be putting in the exhibition for our collections project. The first part of the planning was deciding how I was going to lay out each of the different positions onto the Gi. The first idea I had was to cover the Gi in patches, using the ones I had made previously. However, due to time constraints, I had to abandon this idea, and I aimed more toward the second idea, which was fabric painting the individual figures. Doing it this way saved me a lot of time. I did have an idea of combining the two methods, but I found there were too many colours, being red, pink, yellow, black and gold, and it just didn’t work as well. So I went with idea 2.

The next thing I decided on were the colours. I wanted to use traditional Japanese colours, so I ended up using red black and gold. The gold however didn’t come up as solid as I would have liked, so I had to change my design process further down the line in order for the gold to be more opaque and solid. But overall, I did like my chosen colours. They were really bold and vibrant on the Gi as well because the Gi was white. 


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