Experimenting with coloured trees

I wanted to do some experimentation with colours, to see how my tree would look with different coloured elements. I did this on photoshop, changing the colour properties and the saturation. The first colour change I did was green. I did like how the tree went a really acidy green, and the purple birds go really well with the flowers, which have stayed pink, and the teal coloured leaves. This tree is very spring like, however i think the purple birds would of been to dark when it came to production purposes. If I had more time, I would have liked to have mess around with this colour a little more, to see whether lightening the birds a bit would have made it a bit more spring-like.

green tree

The second coloured image I did was was blue. I did like the red birds on this one, however, I don’t feel like the colours go together very well, and the blue is a little bit too bright for my liking. I just don’t think that this image gives off the same spring feels what the others do!

blue tree

The third tree colour I used was purple. I really liked this tree as I loved the yellow colour that the birds went. I also like that the flowers and leaves have swapped colours. The purple tree really goes in cohesion with the yellow flowers. This tree gives a real spring like feel and I would have used these colours as my original piece if I had time to change it because I love how much cohesion all of the different elements have with each other.

purple tree

Finally, the last colour i experimented with was red. Again, similarly to the blue tree, i didn’t really like this Β one as much because the colours don’t have great cohesion and don’t compliment each other at all. The red does give the tree a bit more of an autumn feel and looks a little but too in your face. There is too much red and too much blue, so the colour variation isn’t exactly great. I wouldn’t have used this as a final design, may,y because it doesn’t have a very spring feel to it, and the colours aren’t cohesive.

red tree

Overall, some of the colour experiments went really well, but some just didn’t work. However, I am glad with the colours I did use for my final piece, as I believe they were the most successful colours.


7 thoughts on “Experimenting with coloured trees

  1. Jude says:

    The lime green tree and the blue tree for me! The red tree, to me, kind of overpowers the birds, and the turquoise is a colour I’m not attracted to. A perfect quote to go with the picture!


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