Combining the tree elements

After having feedback from my tutor, she suggested that the organisers of the hay festival wanted to have all of the different elements in one. So I did a tree with all of the birds and flowers on. I took out the fallen flowers as it looked a bit autumnal, so it didn’t go with the spring feel as much. So I have but the flowers onto the tree with the birds on, and I have added in some little green leaves to add a bit of colour variation into the piece. I then moved the quote down to the bottom. It was suggested to have the quote at the top, but I found the image look a bit too crowded at the top then, so I made the choice to put it closer to the bottom so there was a bit pf a gap between the busy top, and the text. The text is still hand written, but I neatened it up a bit from last time.

I do like the illustration now, as I feel it all feels a little bit more cheerier as opposed to having the trees looking a bit bare before. The tree looks more full of life and love now, which is what the quote I have chosen is about. Overall I am really happy with how the illustration has turned out, although I may do some colour experimentations.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 20.47.41


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