Adding in the cutlines

After finalising and choosing the coloured tree I wanted to use, which was my original design the yellow tree, I then had to go into illustrator and add in a cut line, ready for the printers, so that my illustration cold be peeled off the vinyl rolls. First we had a workshop on how to create the colour for the cut path, and then on how to add in the gridlines in order to make sure we were leaving enough room around the image for it to be cut. after doing this, we then had to go around and draw the cutline. I used the pen tool as I found it easier. After i had done the cut path, I saved it as a high resolution pdf file, ready to be sent to the printers. Here is the final image I sent, with the cutlines added in. The colour around the edge is the colour we set for out cut path, using the CMYK controls.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 21.50.17

Now that the final image has been sent, we will now be concentrating on our hay work shops we are doing. I will post more about them when I have the info! but I’m really excited to be working with children at the hay festival in unlocking their creativity! The workshops are all filled  aswel, yay!


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