Added writing

Here is my nearly finished piece, with the writing added. I’m not too sure about the text as I feel like it is a bit dark, maybe a red or orangey text might work a bit better, but I will see what my tutor has to say. This image looks a lot busier than the other one which I’m not sure if i like it at the moment, this isn’t a final copy yet, but it is the sort of direction I want to go in. I will post one with the white back ground so I can see what it would look like on the white background. I have also been making some decisions about how i am going to print the piece and what vinyl I will use.

As for sizing, the banner itself is going to be 84cm high, and 178.2cm long. I will also be making it so that I can split the images up into the different components, including the text as a separate component. I will also be using transparent vinyl as I don’t have any white on my piece, so I can have the clear vinyl.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 23.04.21


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