Nib and Ink fabric drawing

I finally got round to doing the nib and ink experiments for my fabrics. As you can see, the ink did bleed into the fabric in some areas as expected. This does not mean the experiment went badly, as there are also some very fine lines I managed to do with the inks. I found out that the lighter i did  the drawings, the finer the lines and the less blotchy the ink came out. With this, I literally scratched the pen on the surface. Also, i found out that the less ink i have on the nib at a time, the less the ink runs in the fabric. These are all things i will consider when I’m deciding on whether or not to use this method.

I am unsure on whether i will do some printing experiments, just to see if they come out any better than the ink and nib. Im hoping i can find my ink and roller even though I’ve sourced my entire room for it! Hopefully the printing process with look good, and i may consider using the ink an nib pens to add colour to the illustrations.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 22.56.22


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