Marking up my patches

Today I started to mark up each of the individual patches I have made, ready to start sewing them together. I have tried to do a 1cm seem around each of the patches, however, because the patches were cut very roughly, in order to get the squared shape, some parts of the material have a smaller seem. I am also currently deciding on whether i want to sew the patches together, before i do the illustrations on them, because sewing them first will mean I will get to see how much space I have to do the illustration on. However, this will depend on how I put the illustrations on, as if the ink and nib experiments I do don’t turn out as I hope for, my next experiment will be mono printing onto the fabric. If I do have to print, it will be easier for me to do the patches individually. I will be doing the nib and ink experiment soon so I will be able to see if this will be a suitable method of working.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 22.56.38


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