Covering My Pillowcases

Today I did all of the paint for my pillow cases, ready to cut them up and do my illustrations on. The yellow one worked a lot better that the pink one o feel, as the pink one only showed the darker colours, but as I think I will add in colours using my ink pen, hopefully I will get more colours on the pink. The yellow one however worked out really well and I love the patter. I plan to do a small sample of the ink and nib drawings on the fabric as an experiment to see how the ink takes on the fabric. It may be a case of the ink bleeding into the fabric too much, in which case, I will have to try a different method of putting my illustrations on.

I also plan on sewing together the patches before I put them on my uniform, to make it easier to sew, but also to make the edges smoother with no ragged bits sticking out. Keep an eye out for some more experimentations as I go along!


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