Watercolour backgrounds

For the next stage of my collections project, I did some experiments with watercolour, in order to make the background. I did a range of colours to see what would come out best. The reason for this choice is because I wanted to experiment with the different paint marls i made to see which ones came out the best. I tried a few different types, including paint splatters and using some abstract shapes.

I really liked how the paint splatters came out as it looked a bit more explosive, as opposed to the abstract ones. I found these looked a little bit too constructed for my liking. I think if I had used fabric paint as opposed to water colour when doing the abstract shapes, it would have worked a bit better, but I still prefer the paint splatters.

I first did the water colour splatters on paper, and did some quick illustrations as a rough idea to what the final image would look like.


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