Tie-dying process

The next stage of my project was the tie-dying element. I decided that I wanted to use this technique as, because I am working with fabrics, in order to get full colour with no streaks, dying the fabric was the best way to go out about this task. I have included a small step by step guide to how I did this, with very minimal instructions, however if you were interested in this technique, just drop me a comment and will include a full how-to!

The colours I chose to use were poppy red and sunflower yellow. Firstly I made up the dye in a bowl, following the instructions on the packet of the dye. I then tied my fabric, using buttons and elastic bands to get the patterns. After letting the dye mix, I soaked the two pillow cases in the two different coloured bowl of dye for 30 minutes. Then i put them both into separate bowl of cold water, rinsing them. Finally I hung them up using some old coat hangers to leave them to dry. They did take overnight to dry, but by the morning they were ready to use.

The colours didn’t come out quite what they said, but i was still happy with the colours, and the combination works well together. There were three different types in the end: the red, the yellow, and then a mix of red and yellow which looks really cool. these are the colours I intend to put my paint splatters onto, and then do my illustrations on.


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