Photoshop tree update

Hello! I decided i was going to take a break from my collections project and do a couple of posts on the things I have been doing for my hay festival project. It was time to use photoshop, which I was super worried about because that is not my area of expertise at all! However, after scanning in my images and arranging some stuff together, I managed to do a mockup of my 3 trees I am using for my illustrations. I obviously had to change the colours a bit due to feedback from my tutorial session, however I have still kept to the same concept I had before, I have just changed small aspects of the pieces.

The first tree I did was the tree with the birds on. With this tree, I had to change the colour to make it a lot lighter so I went for an acidic free for the tree trunks, but kept the blue and cream birds as I really liked the combinations it produced together. I am really happy with this tree and I don’t think I will change much more of it.

tree 1.jpg

The second tree I did I kept bare as it fits in with the quote I am using. I changed the colour to a more orange colour but I’m not overly happy with it so I may need to try and adjust it a little bit in photoshop to match the other tress, as it looks a bit out of place.

tree 2

The third and final tree I did was the the tree with the flowers on. I had to recut the flowers and chose to use a more pinky colour. Although with this tree swell, I think I may change the colours to make the three tress a bit more unified.

tree 3


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