Ink and nib drawing results!

Here are the results of the ink drawing I did. I did say a little bit about how they turned out on my last post when I explained about the inks I used. However, after doing the black drawings, I also did some experiments with colours, using red and yellow inks as well. These came out looking super cool, however I may need to change the yellow colour as I’m not sure if this colour will show up on my coloured fabrics.

I also plan to do some examples on my coloured fabrics, as i haven’t yet tried the inks on fabric and need to see if they will take well without bleeding into the fabric. But I will update you guys as soon as I have done my experiments! I have been focusing a little bit more on my collections project at the moment, but I will have some posts coming up soon about the other project I have going on, my hay festival project, and I have some details about a new exhibition I am preparing for so keep on the lookout for some awesome updates!


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