First time ink and nib drawing!

As you know, so far I have only used either pencil, or finalisers for my illustrations and experiments I have produced. Sooooo, today was also a super good day because I finally got to use my ink and drawing nib! This is my first actual go at using the tools, and i have literally fallen in love! At first I just used black so I could get my bearings on using this different material, but i found it really easy to get the hang of, and i really love the fact that I was able to do different thickness of lines, using one tool. The pen was so easy to use and it felt much easier that using a fine liner. the lines came out really smooth and I it meant my illustrations look a little bit more refined and less sketchy.

Overall, I think the illustrations themselves came out really well, although there are a few big splodges where I accidentally put too much ink on the nip, but it will also be useful practice for when I do my final illustrations.

Oh also, the inks I used were Winsor and Newton inks. They seriously are the best inks you could buy so I would definite recommend them!Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 22.19.57



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