Watercolour trees

Here are the three trees I have reshaped and coloured. I chose to use a different medium for these trees, using watercolour. I decided to use watercolour as I could use the brush strokes as textures for the trees, and I was easily able to create bright spring colours for the trees.

I still plan on having birds and flowers on two of the trees, but the third will be bare to fit in with the quote I am working with. I want to include the quote in my illustration, with the different elements of the quotes on the corresponding trees. I Am going to use the same coloured birds but I plan on putting them into couples to show the love part of the quote.

The flowers will be changed however, as I am going to change the colours, and take the text off them, and just have written text on the tree trunks. Doing it this way allows me to seperate the illustration into smaller parts with it still making sense.

I will next post when I can show the trees coming together as one illustration.


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