Flower designs

Hello all! Have been off the blog lately but have started a new project which I am really enjoying at the moment. The brief given was to choose a tree quote and turn the quote into an illustration for the hat festival this year, also recognising it as beating the 30th year.

My chosen quote was: ‘life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit’

My first approach was to look at the flowers as having love within them. After drawing out a stencil for the shape of tree I wanted to use, I began working on what I wanted the flowers the look like. I added text into the flowers and the did papercuts to create the shapes. I did an idea page to see what possible ways I could go about illustrating this quote. 

I may need to consider changing colours as I have been recommended to do lighter colours so they print out better and avoid using reds. So this is something I may need to correct.


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