T letter book

For my second book arts project, I did a hand made letter book based on the letter ‘T’. The aim of this book was to explore a chosen letter, illustrating the pages with things beginning with that letter.

Each page has different things with the letter t. Ranging from ‘teeth’, to ‘tea’ to ‘turtle’. Although i did put a lot of effort into the pages, for me, the focus was more on the binding of the book as I haven’t had much experience in book binding. Using thread I stitched through three holes, one centred and 2 at quarter positions of the spine of each page.

When doing the book, we had to make sure each page was where we wanted them to appear in the book. The pagination for this book was simple as there were no double spread pages, but when doing our chat books, and encyclopaedias, I soon realised how important it was to make sure he pagination of the pages was correct.


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