Herefordshire library brochure

img_3410First post of 2017!

We were asked to design a brochure for Hereford library, an A5 front and back spread, showing the wonders of reading! We were asked to focus on Herefordshire and to have a spring time feel to our image. I decided to do a country side landscape, representing the beautiful countryside of Hereford, the wide spread hills and the animals.

I did a watercolour piece, with a blue and green watercolour wash as the background, adding in detailed flowers and grass imagery to fit my spring country feel. I used black pen to do the farm animals and the woman image as I wanted to add silhouette images so your eyes are drawn straight the the centre image. The young women is lying down with an open book.

I chose to have the women in this type of background to represent the peace and calm feel you get when you are reading a good book, and being lost in the book, quite like being lost in the beauty of nature. I plan to experiment a bit more with the colouring and possibly the layout.


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