Adrian Mole back cover

Here are the back covers of my Adrian Mole project, both the first version and the negative version. I decided to stick with the negative effect through the book cover so that the front and back cover would be in sync.

I did have a problem with the type and it has come out backwards. I am going to look more into the type and look at different ways I could do the typography. I’m unsure whether I want to correct this, as it fits in with the design very well, with it being like Adrian is looking into to mirror, so so text is reversed as it would be reflected.

I didn’t want to have so much focus on the back image, so I just did a simple line drawing. However I didn’t leave any space for a blurb to go and the blurb is often situated on the back cover, so this may be a change I need to make. I also again have to add in the penguin logo, and join the front and back cover together to form one cover.

Once I have both the front and the back cover together, I will post the final image.


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