photocopier experimentation

Here is the negative version of the book cover for Adrian Mole. I am going to work on some back covers, using the same negative process I have before with this project.

I had the idea of using the negative from a previous project I did in another module. However, I didn’t actually know what the colours would turn out like, and having used a lot of colours in my original version, I was unsure what the colours would go like. I was pleasantly surprised with what I ended up with and I really liked the way the colours had changed.

I only did a light shaded background and you can see a lot of the pencil marks I made in this version, which I am unsure about. I may go back and edit this afterwards so that the background doesn’t look a patchy. I also still need to add in the penguin logo. I will most like print h logo out and stick it on, rather than going through photoshop.


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