Nicholas’ red-billed fire finches

An editorial piece I did a while back for an article on the red-billed firefinches in Senegal, given to me by Nicholas Stevenson.

I really enjoyed the research for this project. As I didn’t know much about the topic, I researched about the traditional uses of the red-billed fire finch in Senegal. I also looked at how people dressed in the country, and the currency used as my final idea was to include money in the illustration.

I decided to use the idea of having the bird in a cage with people around it, because you can pay to have the firefinch deliver messages. I reduced the colour pallet and decided to have on of-set line around the illustration. I started off using paints and then added in black fine liner markings and after using the photocopier, I darkened the colours a little bit as the original paint was to bright.


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