To kill a mockingbird

A book cover I’m working on for my new project. Recover of To Kill a Mockingbird using a linocut print, black and white. To start, I hadn’t read the book before so I read through the book and also watched a film based on the book. After doing this, it gave me a bigger insight into the ideas I could focus on in my illustration. Firstly I decided on the colours which would be black and white. I used this to represent the black versus white and the racial inequality throughout the book.

I wanted to do a linocut print so I could work with just two colours, black and white. I came across a few difficulties while doing the design for the print, and I had to redo the type as I didn’t do it back to front on the plate, meaning the type would of come out backwards on the print.

I stuck with the theme of the knothole in the tree because for me, this was part of the book that I really enjoyed so I wanted to focus on that more than anything else. As I don’t normally do prints, this was an interesting and challenging technique to use, but I feel it paid off really well. img_3343


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